Full Fellowship
colleagues who have completed training
€ 50,00
Fellows in Training € 30,00
Senior Fellowship
colleagues who have retired completely
and receive no income from practice/work
no subscription

All applicants must at the outset provide evidence of
  • Written support from 2 Founding Fellows of EEMEG
    (names can be found on the website)
  • In case of Fellows in Training a valid documentation
    of current training post is required
  • In the case of Full and of Senior Fellows only,
    significant contributions to the field of Geriatric Medicine

  • Full Fellows and Fellows in Training can attend EEMEG congresses at a reduced rate.
  • The Full Fellowship yearly fee where paid, is also inclusive of the subscription to the journal “Geriatric Medicine”.

Τα κόκκινα πεδία είναι υποχρεωτικά.

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I apply to become a member of The Hellenic Society for the Study & Recearch of Aging
a company limited by guarantee and registered in Greece
as a Not for Profit Corporation, ID # EL-000000000, and agree to be bound by its memorandum
and articles of association and any rules made under these.

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